Welcome to the official website of GANESHA LAW REVIEW, source of references for Law academicians and practitioners. GANESHA LAW REVIEW is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes scientific articles in the field of law. The published articles are the results of original scientific research and review of legal interactions. GANESHA LAW REVIEW is published by Faculty of Law and Social Sciences of Universitas Pendidikan Ganesha Singaraja. GANESHA LAW REVIEW accepts any manuscripts or articles in the field of law or legal studies from both national and international academicians and researchers. 

The management of the Ganesha Law Review Journal (GLR) is managed in accordance with the publication ethic journal, namely the ethics of journal management as a whole concerning: Open Access Policy, Frequency Publications, Board of Ethic Policy Editor, Ethic Policy Reviewer, Ethic Authors Policy. With reference to the publication ethics that have been determined, this journal is published on an OJS basis, the frequency of publication is two (2) times a year, namely the period of May and November, all articles are published through a review process from the Board of Editors, review process from a team of internal good reviewers as well as external. Articles published in accordance with the focus & scope of the journal written by the author based on the Author Guidelines and Journal Templates.

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Forthcoming publication schedules which are still open for submission is:

Vol 2 No 2 November 2020 (Deadline October 15, 2020)
Vol 3 No 1 May 2021 (Deadline April 15, 2021)
Vol 3 No 2 November 2021 (Deadline October 15, 2021)
Vol 4 No 1 May 2022 (Deadline April 15, 2022)
Vol 4 No 2 November 2020 (Deadline October 15, 2022)



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