Focus and Scope


Jurnal Locus Delicti (JLD) has been published electronically as the Open Journal System (OJS) since 2020 under the management of the Law and Citizenship Department of Law and Citizenship Study Program, Faculty of Law and Social Sciences. Jurnal Locus Delicti (JLD) is published two (2) times a year: April and October.

This journal is a journal with the theme of Law Science, with benefits and objectives for the development of Law Science, by prioritizing the nature of originality, specificity and updating of articles in each of its issues. The purpose of this journal publication is to provide a space to publish critical thinking from original research results, as well as conceptual ideas from academics, researchers, and practitioners that have never been published in other media.

The focus and scope of writing (Focus & Scope) in this journal include:

1. Law State Administration;

2. Administrative Law;

3. Criminal Law;

4. Civil Law;

5. International Law;

6. Procedural Law;

7. Customary Law;

8. Business Law;

9. Tourism Law;

10. Environmental Law;

11. Law and Society;

12. Information Technology Law and Electronic Transactions;

13. Human Rights Law;

14. Contemporary Law